Accelerate Venture Holdings (AVH) partners with Artificial Solutions to support growth strategy

Venture capitalist firm Accelerate Venture Holdings (AVH) today announced a new partnership agreement with Artificial Solutions, a leading specialist in Conversational AI.

This new partnership sees AVH enhance its current platform through Conversational AI with Artificial Solutions’ award-winning SaaS platform, Teneo.

The US-based venture capitalist firm has a unique marketing, lead management, and CRM platform, which helps give its customers a leg up over their competition. By adding the power of Teneo to its already robust offering, AVH aims to provide additional value to its customers and achieve its ambitious growth strategy for 2023.

The Teneo platform will help AVH solve customers’ issues quickly without adding unnecessary extra steps, improving the customer experience, bringing added efficiency, and ultimately higher conversion rates to the business.

James Burton, CEO And Founder of AVH commented, “It’s the duty of a venture capital firm to be forward-thinking and on the lookout for the next best tools and products that will empower our current and future clients for success. Teneo is focused on scalability, which is exactly what we need – a tool focused on marketplace agility and growth so we can provide those same qualities to our clients.”

Starting in early February 2023, the company will implement Teneo for three initial use case verticals – automotive, solar, and healthcare. Based on the initial use cases’ learnings, AVH aims to roll it out into other verticals, including finance in the following quarter.

Brent Green, Chief Operating Officer of AVH added, “The operations department had reached a point where they needed more tools to expand the capabilities of our internal work and what we currently offer clients. Teneo will be a catalyst for growth, and our team of developers will be able to take full advantage of what Teneo has to offer.”

AVH chose Artificial Solutions over a number of competitors predominately due to the Teneo platform’s scalable nature. The company was also attracted to Artificial Solutions’ extensive experience in the automotive industry, which currently makes up almost 70% of AVH’s revenue.

Sean McIlrath, Vice President & GM, Americas of Artificial Solutions commented, “It’s always fantastic to work with like-minded individuals who are continually looking for innovative and disruptive products for their customers. We have no doubt that the Teneo platform will provide this additional value and help AVH achieve its growth strategy for the coming year – a journey we are excited to be a part of each step of the way.”

Artificial Solutions’ Teneo is the most versatile Conversational AI platform for automation, driving revenue growth and cutting operating costs. The SaaS platform is deeply integrated into and optimized for the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, representing a single platform to develop, test, approve and publish Conversational AI solutions that deliver real business value.

About Accelerate Venture Holdings

Accelerate Venture Holdings, LLC is a relationship-based firm that is focused on investing in engaged people, creative products, proprietary distribution channels, and revenue-scalable companies that drive business and seek success. AVH invests in organizations it believes have leading competitive positions in defendable markets. The company operates on the principles of “People. Product. Process. Profit.” as it acquires, refines, and sells.