Teneo.ai and Global Financial Leader Renew Agreement for Customer Service Automation through Conversational AI

Teneo.ai, a leader in enterprise-strength conversational AI, is proud to announce the renewal of its commercial agreement with a prestigious global financial institution, aimed at continuing the advancement of AI-driven customer service and business process automation within the financial sector. The continued collaboration underscores both organizations’ commitment to innovation and excellence in client service management through advanced AI technologies.

The relationship, initially formed to address the financial organization’s need for more efficient client reporting processes, has successfully empowered Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) to expedite mandatory client reports from on-site meetings. Leveraging Teneo.ai’s conversational AI platform, the financial institution integrated a voice-activated virtual assistant allowing CRMs to complete reports in just 2 minutes — a process that previously took 15 minutes.

The results of this partnership have been substantial:

  • The average task execution time was reduced by a factor of 7, significantly freeing up CRM time for client engagement.
  • Data privacy and security were paramount, with the solution deployed on private cloud to align with the highest standards of data compliance required by the financial sector.

“Sustaining our relationship with this esteemed financial institution allows us to push the boundaries of what conversational AI can achieve in critical sectors. This renewal is a testament to the trust and effectiveness of our technologies, and we are excited to continue tailoring our solutions to meet the unique challenges and opportunities our client faces,” said Patrik Rosenberg, Global Vice President Customer Sales and Engagement at Teneo.ai.

As part of the renewed agreement, Teneo.ai will continue to support the financial institution with enhanced features and deeper integration capabilities, aiming to expand the solution’s functionalities and potentially increase its applications to other departments.