Teneo.ai Announces the Release of OpenQuestion 1.1: Transforming Customer Service with Conversational AI, Conversational IVR and GPT Integration

Artificial Solutions, the creators of Teneo, an advanced conversational AI platform, is thrilled to announce the release of OpenQuestion 1.1. This latest version of their innovative IVR-solution is set to revolutionize the way Contact Centers interact with their customers, implemented in less than 60 days, offering a more responsive and efficient customer service experience through enhanced integration with Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT).

OpenQuestion 1.1, available at www.teneo.ai, comes with a host of new features and improvements, all designed to enhance the customer experience and provide businesses with more control and customization options.

Key updates in OpenQuestion 1.1 include:

  • Enhanced GPT Integration: OpenQuestion 1.1 has further developed the connector to GPT to parallelize different calls to the service. This reduces latency and ensures that customers don’t have to wait for responses, providing a smoother and more efficient customer service experience. This is a significant step forward in the realm of Conversational IVR, providing real-time, intelligent responses to customer queries.
  • GPT Cost Dashboard: The new dashboard provides an off-the-shelf view of the cost incurred in using Open AI GPT models. This transparency is crucial as it allows businesses to manage and control their expenses effectively, ensuring that the use of advanced AI solutions with voice bots remains cost-effective.
  • Amazon Connect Integration: OpenQuestion can now be connected to Amazon Connect Contact Center with our brand-new connector, expanding the range of platforms businesses can use to interact with their customers. This integration allows businesses to leverage the power of OpenQuestion’s capabilities within the Amazon Connect environment.
  • Improved Authentication Flows: New example flows for handling Authentication in the Base Solution provide a more seamless and secure user experience. This ensures that customer interactions remain secure while still being user-friendly.
  • Customizable Handover Reasons: Businesses can now customize the handover reason to the contact center agent, providing more context and improving the handover process. This feature ensures a seamless transition from the Teneo chatbot to a human agent when necessary, improving the overall customer experience.

The implementation package has been updated with all the new additions, ensuring that partners and clients have the most up-to-date information for implementing their use cases. “We’re very happy with all the updates we’ve made in OpenQuestion 1.1,” said Joaquim Bargalló, Director of Customer Success at Artificial Solutions. “These improvements were implemented by dedicatedly listening to the feedback from partners and clients, and incorporating changes that genuinely cater to their requirements.”