Teneo.ai Unveils Adaptive Answers: The Next Frontier in Personalized Customer Service for Contact Centers

Leveraging Advanced Generative AI to Deliver Tailored Responses with Precision and Empathy

Teneo.ai, the pioneering force in AI-driven customer service, is proud to announce the latest breakthrough in conversational technology with the launch of Adaptive Answers on the Teneo platform. This cutting-edge feature is set to redefine the standards of personalization in customer service by offering bespoke responses that consider user-specific details such as gender, location, and time zone, all delivered with natural variation and contextual awareness.

Personalization at Scale

Building on Teneo’s proven track record of delivering 95%+ accuracy in customer interactions, Adaptive Answers takes personalization to new heights. By integrating user details into prompts for Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), Teneo crafts interactions that are as unique as the customers themselves, ensuring a personalized touch in every exchange.

Accelerated, Risk-Free Generative AI Deployment

Teneo empowers contact centers to trial and implement Generative AI use cases in a risk-free environment before going live. This capability streamlines the deployment process, offering the agility required to keep pace with the evolving technological landscape.

Enhanced Agent Support and Seamless Integration

Adaptive Answers enhances Teneo’s robust integration capabilities, including seamless CRM incorporation for on-the-fly personalized responses. Agents are now armed with custom recommendations and insights, enabling them to provide top-tier, personalized customer service with unparalleled efficiency.

Dual Approach to Customization

Teneo’s Adaptive Answers provides two levels of customization for unparalleled flexibility:

  1. Direct User-Specific Adaptation: Inputs concerning individual user specifics allow for hyper-personalized responses, maintaining relevance and accuracy.
  2. Dynamic Rephrasing Integration: Following an initial output, Teneo can dynamically rephrase responses to match the conversational tone, adding to the naturalness of the dialogue.

Commitment to Data Privacy

Teneo.ai’s dedication to data security is exemplified by its ISO27001 certification, offering confidential computing and stringent encryption protocols to safeguard user data.

Experience Personalization with Teneo’s Adaptive Answers

Explore how Teneo’s Adaptive Answers can elevate your customer service to a realm of unparalleled personalization and empathy. For more details and a live demonstration, please visit Teneo’s website.

About Teneo.ai

Teneo.ai is committed to revolutionizing customer service through artificial intelligence. With a focus on innovation and quality, Teneo.ai provides solutions that transform customer interactions into meaningful engagements.