Using, a Fortune 500 Company Has Solved the Multinational Pain Point of Serving Customers in Multiple Languages today announces a groundbreaking service implemented by a leading US-based multinational, one of the top five technology companies worldwide. 

Using to orchestrate AI services like Genesys Contact Center, ChatGPT, and CLU, the company has built a Virtual Contact Center Agent. This Contact Center Agent answers the phone, understands why a customer is calling, gathers information from internal systems, and resolves the customer’s issue. If this is not possible, it sends all gathered information to a live agent. 

This system was initially built in English and has provided significant cost savings and better tNPS scores. Traditionally, deploying this in other languages would require a project to perform localization and resources fluent in the target languages. Thanks to the latest LLM models, the implementation team has made that method obsolete. Their solution was auto-translation, which took five days and, after a mere two weeks of continuous improvement, now performs at the level of English in 36 additional languages. 

All multinationals stand to benefit from this breakthrough method that allows a Virtual Agent to be built in one language and deployed in many. Adding the benefit of 40% of support and sales calls being managed fully without human intervention, providing customer service has never been more cost-efficient. 

The solution can be deployed on top of existing technologies such as, Nuance, Cognigy, Lex, or and integrates with Sprinklr, Genesys, and Amazon Connect out of the box. 

“Not taking into account the effects on customer satisfaction and thus churn and revenue, but just looking at costs, the cost per automated call is reduced by $5.60. With millions of calls, the cost savings are substantial,” said Patrik Rosenberg, Global Vice President Customer Sales and Engagement at 

The quick expansion from English to 36 more languages in less than 5 days is made possible through the intent accuracy in natural language understanding enabled by Teneo’s proprietary technology, TLML™. With TLML, enterprises achieve remarkable automation levels and significantly enhance customer interaction accuracy. 

TLML can be used together with any LLM (Large Language Model) and Conversational AI platform to increase accuracy to +95% to boost ROI and contact center automation. 

Unmatched Efficiency and Precision 

With Teneo’s proprietary TLML™ technology and cutting-edge generative AI, enterprises achieve automation levels that redefine customer interaction standards. The result is a 95% accuracy rate, surpassing human performance and significantly enhancing the customer experience across multiple platforms. 

Key Benefits and Verified Results Using Teneo with ChatGPT for Customer Service: 

  • Boost Accuracy to +95%: In a recent test, Teneo surpassed all competitors and exceeded human-level performance with over +95% accuracy, delivering near-perfect response precision, which can be added to any Conversational AI platform. 
  • Unparalleled Call Containment: Achieved 85% containment rates, drastically reducing the need for human agents and eliminating repeat calls. 
  • Significant Cost Reduction: Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) by 2 minutes per interaction, enabling reinvestment into critical business areas. 
  • Scalable Language Management: Seamlessly manages millions of calls across 86 languages without the high costs of peak staffing. 
  • LLM Orchestration and Cost Efficiency: Integrates with any Large Language Model (LLM) and cuts costs by up to 98% using Stanford’s Frugal GPT methodology. 
  • Security and Compliance: Meets stringent GDPR, EU AI Act, and ISO 27001 standards, ensuring robust data protection. 

Redefining Customer Service 

By integrating generative AI into their operations, companies are exceeding customer expectations, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and substantial financial returns. is at the forefront of this revolution, setting a new standard in global customer service. 

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