America’s Most Popular Meal Kit Company Enhances Voice Channel Support with Artificial Solutions’ OpenQuestion

Artificial Solutions, the company behind, announces that a world-renowned meal-kit delivery service, has chosen OpenQuestion as their advanced Conversational IVR Solution to revolutionize their voice channel customer support. This new initiative promises a host of benefits for the company’s valued customers. Since launching their Teneo-powered virtual assistant, the company has experienced a transformative uplift in online client interactions.

The impressive outcome, which includes automating 30% of chat interactions and expedited development, has propelled the company to innovate further in customer support. With OpenQuestion, a state-of-the-art cloud IVR technology, they are set to revolutionize voice-based customer assistance, automating and enhancing the customer support journey.

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By transitioning away from traditional IVR and touch-tone support, they now offer a warm and welcoming experience through their phone channel, providing customers with an intuitive and efficient interaction that minimizes wait times and ensures an instant seamless service journey.

Our enduring partnership with our client reflects our mutual commitment to delivering omni-channel top-tier customer experiences. By integrating OpenQuestion into their voice channel, we’re setting new standards in customer support. This marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of conversational AI, and we’re honored to lead alongside our client.Sean McIlrath, VP of Americas at

The integration of OpenQuestion into the company’s voice channel enables the seamless interaction that underpins their chatbot, creating a comprehensive and seamless customer support for their millions of customers.

The company’s primary goal with the implementation of OpenQuestion is to elevate their voice channel customer support to unparalleled levels of efficiency and satisfaction. By automating and refining the customer support experience, they aim to offer a more engaging and intuitive interaction for their customers, reducing wait times and streamlining service delivery. Through this cutting-edge technology integration, our client is poised to set new industry benchmarks for exceptional customer interactions.

Key Features of OpenQuestion IVR

Data analysis of Teneo’s OpenQuestion deployments show a remarkable 95% decrease in call misrouting, an 8% reduction in call center tasks and comprehensive traffic optimization. Customers get up and running within 60-days. OpenQuestion also allows leveraging OpenAI GPT through the Teneo GPT connector, providing further improvements in customer interaction.

The Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language (TLML), a deterministic language understanding system combines machine-learned classification to enhance caller speech understanding, differentiating even between close-lying intents. Using TLML, OpenQuestion accurately identifies a caller’s request, assigns intent, extracts relevant information, performs disambiguation where needed and determines the most appropriate course of action, ensuring intelligent call routing the first time.

Platform Independence

Designed for flexibility, OpenQuestion seamlessly integrates with your existing Contact Center platforms, such as Amazon ConnectGenesys Cloud CXGoogle Cloud, Nice, Five9, Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform and others, and as a SaaS offering, there are no dependencies on any particular infrastructure or cloud, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.

Cost Efficiency & Easy Integration

With a subscription model based on a low fixed cost and usage fees, OpenQuestion offers a cost-effective and straightforward solution deployable in less than 60 days.

Enhanced Data Security for Call Centers

OpenQuestion prioritizes data security as a crucial feature, providing a customer experience (CX) solution that enhances interactions in call centers while safeguarding sensitive information. It ensures data encryption according to industry best practices and assists in compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Data security features include encryption of data at rest and in motion, ISO27001 certification, the ability to bring your own encryption key, a confidential computing add-on for encrypting data in use, and the option to remove and manage stored data to comply with privacy requests. With data security built into it by design, OpenQuestion empowers call centers to handle client data securely while remaining customizable and adaptable to evolving needs.

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