Artificial Solutions’ CEO, Per Ottosson, Participates in Panel discussion on AI in Europe on EFN Ekonomikanalen

Artificial Solutions, a leading pioneer in conversational AI, is proud to announce that its CEO, Per Ottosson, was featured in a panel discussion on EFN Ekonomikanalen. During the panel discussion, Ottosson shared his insights on the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies across Europe.

Together with Morten Irgens, Vice Dean of Innovation and Impact, Copenhagen Business School and Olivia Rekman, Innovation Adviser in AI & Data and Nordic Scaleups at Nordic Innovation the group discussed both the benefits of legislation and the challenges for innovation in Europe.

Ottosson highlighted that more can be done in allocating capital and giving clarity to European companies on how AI can be used in relation to the new EU AI Act. And also highlighted that customers of can easily change models in their call center AI to accommodate a changing regulatory landscape.

There was broad agreement that more needs to be done in the Nordics and Europe to invest in AI which is a great potential for growth. For more information about Artificial Solutions and to watch the full panel discussion with Per Ottosson (in Swedish), please visit EFN Ekonomikanalen.