Artificial Solutions CEO Per Ottosson Presented at Redeyes’ SaaS Day 2024

Artificial Solutions, a leading enterprise in Conversational AI, is pleased to announce that its CEO, Per Ottosson, presented at the Redeye SaaS Day, held on June 5th, 2024.

The event, renowned for gathering the most innovative Nordic Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, was the perfect platform for Artificial Solutions to showcase its strong revenue development, latest advancements, strategic vision and market leadership.

“Our business is to offer an AI solution that picks up the phone, understands why somebody is calling and try to resolve it automatically or transfer it to the right contact center agent, along with the information that we have collected which allows the agent to respond faster. When we automatically resolve a customer call, the cost is 0.4 USD per call; when a human agent resolves the matter is 6 USD per call. With our technology, our clients are achieving cost savings from AI automation and faster resolution rates for the agents” said Ottosson. “Redeyes’ SaaS Day is an excellent venue to share our progress and insights with other industry leaders and leading Nordic SaaS investors.”