Artificial Solutions Launches Teneo OpenAI GPT Connector, Empowering Developers with OpenAI’s Advanced Language Capabilities

Artificial Solutions, announces a new connector to OpenAI, the Teneo GPT Connector. This integration allows enterprises to easily access OpenAI’s language models into their AI solutions.  

OpenAI’s GPT-3 models are among the most advanced language models available, offering impressive capabilities in understanding and generating natural language. The Teneo GPT Connector provides an easy-to-use interface for enterprises to access these models. This enables them to build solutions that can understand and respond to human language with greater accuracy. 

With the integration of the Teneo platform with OpenAI’s GPT API via our GPT Connector, customers can now take advantage of the most advanced language models available. This integration enables them to build solutions that can understand and generate natural language with unparalleled accuracy and fluency. This opens up new possibilities for conversations with chatbots and virtual assistants.

Andreas Wieweg, Chief Technological Officer at Artificial Solutions.

The Teneo platform is a powerful SaaS NLU and process orchestration layer. In short, enterprises can connect to it or use voice or AI services from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT). It accelerates any AI-project as enterprises can drive NLU accuracy and process performance with less resources than was previously possible.  

The latest accelerator solution is OpenQuestion, a brand-new call center solution that transforms the telephone experience and solves the common problem of mis-routed calls. With OpenQuestion enterprises can reduce the workload in a contact center by 8% in just 60 days. OpenQuestion is built on real customer implementations with millions of calls every month. 

Artificial Solutions earlier announced developers access to GPT-3, the language model behind ChatGPT, through Azure OpenAI Services. With developer access to Azure OpenAI API, we help clients explore large language models, improve the quality and efficiency of AI solutions, reduce time to market, and provide a more robust and scalable experience for users. 

The OpenAI GPT Connector is available here.