Artificial Solutions signs agreement with MedHelp Care for AI-Based voice chatbot

Artificial Solutions ( begins collaboration with MedHelp Care, which offers one of Sweden’s most used health platforms for employers. The company’s roughly 500 customers with approximately 200,000 employees, will also have the opportunity for AI-based absence reporting via telephone through a voice chatbot from the AI platform Teneo. With more than 20 years of experience in healthcare advice, MedHelp Care handles several hundred thousand healthcare calls each year.

Artificial Solutions will integrate Teneo’s voice chatbot into MedHelp Care’s telephone service. This will reduce waiting times, increase the level of service, and free up nurses’ time for more complex advice. Teneo offers advanced voice understanding to answer customer queries, whether customers use short voice commands or engage in longer discussions with the system.

With Teneo, MedHelp Care gains entirely new opportunities in the voice channel. Previously, calling in sick by phone was either cumbersome for the caller or had to be handled manually by a nurse, but with this system that understands context, a much better usability can be offered as well as freeing up time.

The ambition of Teneo is to increase efficiency and customer experience in the voice channel. The new voice channel is based on Teneo’s patented technology, which, in addition to machine learning (ML) and language models for understanding natural language understanding (NLU), enhances the functionality and precision of a chatbot or a voice chatbot. Regardless of the AI platform used, Teneo can be applied to improve how well a virtual agent understands spoken language and dialectal differences.

“We are proud that MedHelp Care has chosen Teneo to transform and enhance efficiency within healthcare services in their processes. Teneo is a popular and user-friendly system that drives company growth and saves significant costs, often over 12 million USD per year, and customer satisfaction increases as customers get direct responses without being transferred around or pressing on 80’s-like tone dial menus,” says Per Ottosson, CEO of Artificial Solutions.

Listen to Teneo here.

Teneo applies the strictest standards for data protection and is fully compliant with GDPR. The platform orchestrates OpenAI GPT and other large language models (LLMs) according to a method from Stanford University, FrugalGPT. Teneo uses the right AI language model at the right time to save API costs. With Teneo, companies can save 98% of their costs in Generative AI. Recently, Teneo was highly ranked in an NLU Benchmark and outperformed other competitors by being ranked best in its class.

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Per Ottosson, CEO

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