Swisscom’s IVR using Wins Connect Award for Outstanding Customer Service

Swisscom IVR wins best Customer Service Experience. The company with presence in Switzerland, Austria and Germany has established itself as the best mobile hotline provider in German-speaking countries.

Artificial Solutions,, a leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is proud to announce that its client, Swisscom, has won the prestigious Connect Award for its exceptional AI-driven IVR and customer service. Swisscom, a leading Swiss telecommunications provider, has implemented OpenQuestion, an AI solution that has significantly improved its customer service experience.

The Connect Award put network operators in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany to the test in a three-country comparison. 296 testers contacting the hotlines for existing customers over a period of several weeks. During this time, the service test is evaluated the quality of statements, availability, waiting time, speech dialog system (IVR), and friendliness of customer service representatives. In short, Swisscom’s IVR was the only IVR that received the maximum result, with 15 out of 15 points.

Swisscom’s IVR runs on OpenQuestion, built atop the Teneo platform. Moreover, it supports four languages: German, Italian, French, and English.

In just two years, Swisscom expanded OpenQuestion, launching new offerings and amplifying solution complexity. This evolution has positioned them at the pinnacle of telecom customer experiences. The blend of machine and human interaction offers Swisscom’s clientele unparalleled phone engagement.

Scoring 466 points, Swisscom outshone hotlines from Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It’s now recognized as the premier mobile hotline in German-speaking regions. This accolade underscores the potency of Artificial Solutions’ OpenQuestion in elevating customer service and yielding stellar outcomes for Swisscom.