Teneo Achieves Record-Breaking Scalability and Traffic on SaaS Platform, Showcasing a Solution to the Peak Traffic dilemma in Contact Centers 

Teneo.ai, a brand from Artificial Solutions, proudly announces a significant milestone. The Teneo SaaS platform has witnessed an unprecedented surge in user engagement, recording an impressive 352 000 API calls in one hour in the last month.  This is equivalent to 67 000 phone conversations in one single hour, managing this traffic is a testament to the scalability of Teneo. 

Important on Volumes and Revenues 

Teneo.ai revenues are dependent on Monthly API call volumes, not hourly call volumes, so this performance is a technical feat with very positive impact on our customers but NOT an indicator of monthly revenues. In a typical Contact Center, an employee will manage 6 calls per hour meaning that this peak alone saves our customers staffing an estimated 10 000 extra agents.  

Enhancing Operational Efficiency for Diverse Industries 

The difference in cost in an automated phone call managed by Teneo vs a phone call managed by human operators is on average 5.5 USD per call. Staffing for a surge in calls (we see the surge above is over 10X in our customers) would mean that the cost of calls in normal hours would increase as well.  To bridge a surge in 10X calls in a call center a company would therefore normally choose to not answer the calls that they could not manage – leading to frustrated customers. In this case, the client lets Teneo handle peaks to serve all inbound callers the best customer experience with a first contact resolution.  

Robustness and Scalability of Teneo.ai 

“We are thrilled to see such a high level of engagement from our users,” said Andreas Wieweg, CTO of Teneo.ai. “Getting slightly technical here – our application is now built as a self-scaling, containerized application in the Microsoft Azure Cloud so no one on our team had to engage to enable this scaling. It is managed autonomously.” 

Upcoming Webinar 

To learn more about how Teneo is transforming contact centers, join our upcoming webinar on AI-powered contact centers, where we will discuss how to boost containment, efficiency, and revenue. Register now at https://teneoai.webinargeek.com/ai-powered-contact-centers-boost-containment-efficiency-and-revenue