Teneo.AI, a brand from Artificial Solutions Announces Partnership with CDI Services

Teneo.AI, a brand from Artificial Solutions, an enterprise AI product provider for contact centers, today announced a fresh partnership agreement. Their new partner is CDI Services. This firm is a global strategy and delivery specialist. Their expertise lies in driving business value through conversational AI.

This collaboration enables CDI Services’ new and existing customers to access a comprehensive range of CAI-powered services, including integration with GPT and other Large Language Models (LLM) with Teneo’s OpenQuestion to optimize call routing in Call and Contact Centers.

Conversational IVR with OpenQuestion

OpenQuestion, a SaaS-based voice plug-in powered by Teneo, enhances customer experiences and reduces operating costs for enterprises worldwide.

The solution notably revolutionizes contact center operations, slashing call workload by 8% and dramatically reducing call misrouting by 90%. It integrates seamlessly with popular tech stacks like Amazon Connect and Genesys Cloud CX, proving itself as a versatile solution for a variety of contact center environments.

The global contact center industry is projected to reach $496 billion by 2027, according to Statista. Technological advancements, expanding applications, and the rise of remote work are fueling this growth.

CDI Services, a renowned expert, reshapes customer interaction experiences. They have a wealth of experience in harnessing emerging technologies like Teneo. This expertise helps them meet the market’s escalating expectations. Furthermore, they boast a prestigious client roster. This includes industry leaders such as HP Inc., Vodafone, and Vandebron.

Better Together

Johnny Ribohn, Strategic Partnerships Director EMEA for Artificial Solutions, stated: “We are delighted to welcome CDI Services to our growing partner network. Our team looks forward to jointly leading the new wave of contact center automation. Without a doubt, this partnership holds immense potential, especially in the DACH market. For that reason, we can’t wait to embark on the exciting projects we’ll be building for top leading brands.”

Established in 2021, CDI Services functions as the Conversation Design Institute’s arm for conversational AI strategy and delivery. Furthermore, their team is a diverse mix of experts; it includes persona specialists, conversation designers, AI trainers, consultants, and conversational engineers.

Equally important, CDI Services provides a comprehensive approach. They assist clients at every step of their conversational AI journey, starting from the initial concept to the final implementation.

Paul Leeuwis, CEO at CDI Services, said: “We are thrilled about this partnership with Teneo.AI. Our mission is to help global brands create better experiences that drive real business outcomes and add value every step of the way. Likewise, Teneo’s scalability, simplicity, and strength make it an invaluable tool that enables us to build advanced conversational AI applications on any channel and language, even for the most complex business cases.”

CDI Services has now entered an elite circle. This group comprises world-leading providers of technology, data, and consulting. Notable members include Microsoft, CSGi, CGI, and Teneo.AI. CDI Services is committed to delivering top-tier solutions for its clients, aligning with these industry leaders.

About CDI Services 

We are Conversation Design Institute Services (CDIS), pioneers in driving business value with conversational AI solutions. Coordinated through our offices in Amsterdam, Austin TX, and Essen, we support our global customers to automate essential parts of their external or internal communication flows. The result is either a significant reduction in operational costs or a significant increase in revenue. In this way, we help our customers compete in their respective marketplaces.

Discover more about how we create unique and fit for purpose conversational AI experiences at www.cdisglobal.com