Teneo.ai Announces Generative AI Orchestration to its Teneo Platform, Offering Up to 98% Cost Reduction in Generative AI Operations

Teneo Platform Capabilities Set to Transform AI-Enhanced Customer Service with Unprecedented Savings, Accuracy, Security and Control.  

Teneo.ai, a pioneer in AI-driven customer service, has announced an industry-defining update to its platform, introducing state-of-the-art generative AI orchestration capabilities. Teneo.ai’s platform enables businesses to achieve substantial cost reductions in Generative AI operations — by up to 98%.  

In close cooperation with our AI partner Microsoft and two large customers we have made the usage of Generative AI in Enterprises faster, more reliable and cheaper.

With Teneo companies can integrate any Large Language Model (LLM), such as OpenAI’s GPT, with its Contact Center AI offering at any time, empowering businesses with the agility, precision, and control needed to fully utilize Generative AI‘s potential using their own trained datasets. 

  • The innovative platform transforms Generative AI efficiency, offering businesses to slash Generative AI costs by 98%. 
  • Teneo allows contact centers to test any generative AI for free-trial in a risk-free environment, quickly adapting to new technologies and market demands. 

Unrivaled Customization and Speed

Teneo.ai offers an unmatched level of customization. Businesses can now leverage its own data with any Generative AI model from vendors such as OpenAI, AI21, Cohere, ForeFrontAI, Textsynth and Anthropic, etc. that aligns with unique operational needs, enabling a level of control and rapid deployment as well as a significant reduction in time to value. 

Enhanced Control and Precision

With Teneo, the control over Generative AI behavior is in the hands of the business. The Teneo orchestration capabilities ensure that the AI operates within predetermined parameters, delivering precise and consistent customer interactions on brand. 

Seamless Integration Across Platforms  

Teneo.ai provides a seamless integration experience, allowing businesses to implement generative AI across various customer service channels.  

Substantial Generative AI Cost Savings 

Employing strategies inspired by the innovative FrugalGPT methodology by Stanford University, Teneo.ai’s platform enables businesses to achieve substantial cost reductions in Generative AI operations — by up to 98%. This is made possible through smart features in Teneo to control costs such as prompt adaptation. In Teneo each intent has specifically tuned prompts for the exact context to secure cost efficiency and top-grade quality.   

Highlights of Teneo’s Generative AI Capabilities include: 

  • Total Generative AI Flexibility: Teneo’s platform allows contact centers to trial any generative AI use case in a risk-free environment, adapting quickly to new technologies and market demands. 
  • Scalable and Precise AI Integration: The platform orchestrates generative AI with unmatched precision, enabling customer service that is efficient and responsive across any communication channel. 
  • Data Privacy and Security: Teneo.ai’s ISO27001 certification underscores its dedication to data privacy and security, employing advanced measures such as confidential compute and robust encryption protocols. 
  • Rapid Deployment and CCAI Orchestration: Teneo’s platform accelerates the deployment of conversational AI solutions, facilitating quick adaptation to advanced AI orchestration. 
  • Operational Streamlining and Cost Reduction: The platform reduces reliance on complex rule sets and custom scripts, simplifying operations and cutting overheads associated with maintenance and support. 

Experience the future of customer service now. Take advantage of Teneo.ai’s groundbreaking Generative AI orchestration with our free-trial. Transform your customer interactions, reduce operational costs, and stay ahead of the curve with confidence.  

About Teneo.ai   

Teneo.ai is committed to revolutionizing customer service through artificial intelligence. With a focus on innovation and quality, Teneo.ai provides solutions that transform customer interactions into meaningful engagements. 

Our vision is a world without queues, without keypad navigation, with instant service. We’re proud to transform the customer experience for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, powering millions of interactions every day across our enterprise client base.   

Our customers replace traditional phone keypad-based menus with welcoming, short, and precise full sentences – OpenQuestion. The solution is based on our award-winning SaaS-platform Teneo. Which runs across 86 languages and dialects and is fully integrated with call center and contact center systems. Teneo.ai, Teneo and OpenQuestion are registered brands by Artificial Solutions.   

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