Teneo.ai joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program and launches new Conversational IVR plugin for Google Cloud

Teneo.ai, a brand from Artificial Solutions and leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), is proud to announce that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a technology partner. The plugin integrates Google Cloud services with Teneo’s Conversational IVR solution, OpenQuestion, and enables Call Centers to decrease call misrouting and reduce costs through natural language automation.  

OpenQuestion allows organizations to replace traditional phone touch pad-based and outdated voice-based menus with conversational routing and automation. Built on the award-winning SaaS-platform Teneo, the solution supports 86 languages and dialects and seamlessly integrates with the Google Cloud ecosystem.

Google Cloud customers can use Open Question along with other AI services in their Contact Center such as Google Cloud’s  Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech and DialogFlow offerings. 

Building on Google Cloud’s natural language and speech capabilities, OpenQuestion focuses mainly on correctly routing users to the right agent through automated natural conversations powered by AI. By doing so, businesses such as Telefónica and Swisscom have seen major impact in their contact center KPIs (+18 tNPS, 39M in ROI, +90% intent recognition and much more). To learn more on how OpenQuestion can improve NPS, increase automation and reduce redials in a contact center implementation, visit this learning hub.

OpenQuestion includes its own Voice Gateway to connect traditional telephony directly to Google Cloud. Telephony is still a preferred choice of many customers, and Teneo solutions enables businesses to offer easy conversational AI voice to customers who prefer that channel.

OpenQuestion´s out-of-the-box Conversational IVR solution offers:

  • Pre-built flows for direct routing and conversational clarification when users don’t provide sufficient information
  • FAQ and common situation handling such as empty inputs, nonsense, user-requested repetition and very long inputs
  • Callback functionality, sentiment analysis and summarization before handover to the agent
  • Impacts key contact center KPIs by increasing NPS and automation while reducing misroutes, redials and transfers between agents

Mykola Sochynskyi, Global Partner Manager of Artificial Solutions, said:

“As many customers continue to favor the voice channel for customer support, investing in modernizing existing IVR technology for customer engagement is essential to help drive productivity, reduce cost and boost customer satisfaction in the contact center. We are excited about becoming a Google Cloud partner and being able to combine the footprint and power of the Google Ecosystem with Artificial Solutions’ 20+ years of Conversational AI experience and IP. This will bring amazing value to our joint partners and clients.”

About Us:

Our vision is a world without queues, without keypad navigation, with instant service. We’re proud to transform the customer experience for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, powering millions of interactions every day across our enterprise client base. 

Our customers replace traditional phone keypad-based menus with welcoming, short, and precise full sentences – OpenQuestion. The solution is based on our award-winning SaaS-platform Teneo. Which runs across 86 languages and dialects and is fully integrated with call center and contact center systems.

Integrations with Genesys Cloud CXGoogle CloudMicrosoft and OpenAI (ChatGPT), demonstrate our commitment to driving innovation in Conversational IVR for the benefit of enterprise contact center operators around the world. Through OpenQuestion, businesses can effortlessly connect Generative AI and Large Language Model functionality to their existing set up; no complications just instant results.

Teneo.ai, Teneo and OpenQuestion are registered brands by Artificial Solutions. With love from Teneo.ai, a brand from Artificial Solutions.