Teneo.ai Launches Accuracy Booster for Contact Center Voice AI

Slashes voice inaccuracies by 24% and boosts automation for a Contact Center to +50%. Increases the accuracy of your Conversational AI platform to +95%.

Teneo.ai, a pioneer in Customer Service Automation, today unveiled its revolutionary NLU Accuracy Booster for Contact Centers. The innovation transforms voice-based customer service, creating GPT-like interactions that significantly reduce misunderstandings and unburden contact center agents.

The NLU Accuracy Booster™, which is added on top of your Conversational AI and Contact Center Platform, boosts your Contact Center voice channel.

The solution leverages the advanced capabilities of the Teneo Linguistic Modeling Language (TLML) ™. The technology targets the core challenges of voice communication in customer service—ensuring that customer voices are heard and understood with unparalleled clarity.

The NLU Accuracy Booster has undergone extensive testing in partnership with Cyara, the leader in automated testing and monitoring that simulate real world customer interactions across Voice Channels. The results show a remarkable 24% reduction in incorrect voice understanding. This leads to real world contact center outcomes to a proven and astounding accuracy rate of 95% in understanding the caller. This level of precision is unprecedented in the realm of automated voice services.

Key benefits of Teneo Accuracy Booster

  • Empowering Agents and Delighting Customers: the introduction of the NLU Accuracy Booster marks a significant leap forward in contact center operations. Contact centers equipped with TLML™ technology are now empowered to provide faster, more accurate responses, which in turn helps drive more new sales, upsells and minimizes churn.
  • Enhanced Understanding: the TLML technology empowers virtual agents and voice bots to process customer inputs with greater context awareness, reducing the need for repeated questions and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Management: the TLML framework simplifies the complexities of virtual agent management, cutting down on the necessity for complex rule sets and intensive coding.
  • Cost-Effective Scaling: Teneo’s TLML system diminishes the need for expansive infrastructural investments and ongoing rule set adjustments, leading to a more economical scaling of contact center operations.
  • Speed of Deployment: with a short time to value, the Teneo NLU Accuracy Booster offers a swift, yet significant, upgrade to current Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platforms. Enterprises, Systems Integrators and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) can leverage this technology to provide end-to-end accuracy improvements for their clients, transforming customer interactions with speed and efficiency, which in turn allows customers and partners to enter performance-based contracts with maximum confidence.

“We are proud to set a new standard for voice accuracy in contact centers. Our Accuracy Booster is a paradigm shift in how Contact Center Systems understand and engage with customers.”

Chris McManus, VP Global Channels and New Sales at Teneo.ai

About the Test

The benchmark has been carried out recreating the different stages that a typical Voice AI or Conversational AI project would go through:

  1. Initial Stage: this stage represented the beginning of a project. In this case, data comes from the Hugging Face dataset, and machine learning was applied.
  1. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Boost: Training data was rearranged but there was no additional data added. Platform native tools were initially used to optimize the solution, then adding Accuracy Booster to further enhance the accuracy on understanding the natural language.
  1. Machine Learning (ML) enhancements: This stage represented an improvement of the model by adding additional training examples. It is assumed that the solution is optimized to its maximum.
  1. Go-Live and Introducing Speech to text (STT): at this point, the project received real phone calls, hence introducing STT.
  1. Voice Accuracy Boost: In this stage, the Accuracy Booster was again in play to manage the STT’s word error rate (WER) and kept the overall NLU accuracy at a constant high level.  

The NLU Accuracy Booster has been meticulously tested through Cyara, utilizing Hugging Face’s renowned open-source libraries. With a robust dataset of 10,003 training examples spanning 77 classes and a meticulously isolated test set of 3,080 inputs, the integrity of the tests is assured.

The breakthrough comes at a crucial time for contact centers that grapple with the challenges of understanding and processing customer queries. The NLU Accuracy Booster is designed to tackle this head-on, ensuring that even the shortest inputs are understood with a higher word error rate (WER) improvement.

About Teneo.AI

Teneo.ai is at the forefront of Al-powered and automated conversations with its Teneo platform. We solve the complexity of machines understanding humans in calls and text. Teneo orchestrates any Conversational AI, Generative AI, Large Language Models enabling clients to get a better impact and accuracy of current investments, grow their existing customer base and minimize churn. 

We support global customers such as AT&T, HelloFresh and Telefónica to achieve customer service automation and the agentless contact center.

Teneo help brands to automate their customer service with 40%, achieve 50% cost savings and higher revenue with 95% accuracy in voice ai with our patented technology, which can be added to improve any Conversational AI platform for chat or voice to improve growth, CSAT and NPS. 

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