Teneo.ai Launches Conversational IVR Plugin for Amazon Connect

Teneo.ai, a global leader in the field of contact center automation, announces the launch of its latest plugin that seamlessly integrates the Conversational IVR solution, OpenQuestion, with Amazon Connect.

This integration is truly groundbreaking. It enables Amazon Connect clients to boost efficiency. It also enhances the customer experience and simplifies call routing. The end result is a substantial reduction in costs.

Advancing Conversational IVR Solutions with Best-in-Class Integration 

Building on the success of their OpenQuestion integrations for Genesys Cloud CXGoogle CloudMicrosoft, and GPT, Teneo.ai continues to showcase its commitment to providing robust and scalable Conversational IVR solutions. By seamlessly orchestrating top contact center platforms and technologies, Teneo.ai enables Amazon Connect customers to elevate their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by reducing misrouted calls, IVR abandonment rates, and enhancing service levels, automation, and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). With just a few delivery sprints, AWS Connect implementations will experience heightened efficiency and offer customers an unparalleled experience. 

Revolutionizing Call Routing with OpenQuestion 

OpenQuestion, powered by Teneo’s award-winning SaaS platform, revolutionizes call routing by replacing outdated touch pad-based and voice-based IVR menus with advanced conversational routing and automation. With support for 86 languages and dialects, OpenQuestion seamlessly integrates with the Amazon Connect ecosystem, providing organizations the opportunity to enhance their Lex investments, boost service levels, and accelerate time-to-value. 

Streamlined Omnichannel Experiences for Maximum ROI 

For organizations seeking omnichannel experiences, Teneo’s solutions deliver unified interactions across languages and channels, maximizing return on investment (ROI). Leveraging the power of Amazon Connect, OpenQuestion ensures accurate user routing to the right agent through natural conversations powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This approach establishes a strong foundation for end-to-end automation, benefiting businesses such as Telefónica and Swisscom, which have witnessed remarkable improvements in their contact center KPIs, including an 18-point increase in Net Promoter Score (tNPS), 39 million in ROI, and a 90% improvement in intent recognition.  

Features of OpenQuestion’s Conversational IVR Solution 

OpenQuestion’s out-of-the-box Conversational IVR solution offers a range of powerful features designed to enhance customer experience and optimize contact center performance: 

OpenQuestion’s out-of-the-box Conversational IVR solution offers: 

  • Pre-built flows for direct routing and conversational clarification when users don’t provide sufficient information 
  • FAQ and common situation handling such as empty inputs, nonsense, user-requested repetition and very long inputs 
  • Callback functionality, sentiment analysis and summarization before handover to the agent 
  • Positively impacts key contact center KPIs by increasing NPS and automation while reducing misroutes, redials and transfers between agents 

Mykola Sochynskyi, Global Partner Manager of Artificial Solutions, said: 

!”As voice remains the preferred channel for customers to reach customer service, and concurrently is the most expensive one to maintain, the Teneo.ai team is investing in expanding native connectors with market leaders like AWS Connect. This connector has been warmly welcomed by our customers and delivery partners.”

Discover how OpenQuestion can enhance NPS, increase automation, and reduce redials by visiting this link. To learn more about our new conversational IVR plugin for Amazon Connect, contact us.