Teneo.ai Leads Compliance in AI Pact by Integrating New Standards into Its Operations

Maria Carrillo, Head of Legal & GRC at Artificial Solutions (www.teneo.ai), had the privilege of presenting at the European Commission’s recent first session on the AI Pact, a vital step toward shaping the future of artificial intelligence in Europe through robust regulatory frameworks. This landmark event drew participation from over 250 AI companies, showcasing a collective commitment to responsible AI development and early compliance.

“Teneo.ai is not just adapting to these new regulations; we are actively leading the way,” said Carrillo. During the first session, Teneo.ai shared its early commitments to compliance with the AI Pact, emphasizing proactive measures to integrate these new standards into its operations. The company has established an internal task force dedicated to ensuring its AI technologies not only meet but exceed the ethical and legal expectations set forth.

Adapting AI products to align with the AI Pact offers significant benefits for companies within the industry. Compliance ensures that AI technologies are developed with a focus on safety, transparency, and fairness, which enhances trust among clients and their customers. By adhering to these robust standards, companies can mitigate risks, avoid legal pitfalls, and build a reputation for reliability and integrity. This not only attracts more clients but also ensures that end-users receive safer, more dependable AI-driven solutions, fostering greater consumer confidence and satisfaction.

Teneo.ai’s approach is comprehensive: from revamping existing AI systems to embedding compliance into the lifecycle of new AI development. The company also places a strong emphasis on education, ensuring its teams are well-versed in both the technical and ethical dimensions of AI regulations.

“We will continue to engage with regulatory bodies to help understand the real applicability of this new framework that supports innovation while ensuring safety and fairness,” Carrillo added.

As Teneo.ai moves forward, the company remains dedicated to leading by example, demonstrating that compliance and innovation can go hand in hand. Teneo.ai is excited to continue this journey, fostering a culture of integrity in AI that others in the industry can look to.