Teneo.ai Unveils Advanced RAG Solutions for Enterprise AI: Mastering Complex Customer Service Operations 

Teneo.ai, a leader in AI-driven customer service solutions, today announced its advanced Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) capabilities, setting a new standard in the optimization, maximization and integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) for enterprise applications. While tooling in AI development offers a starting point, it falls short in creating a robust, enterprise-grade RAG system with the control that any enterprise needs.  

This announcement highlights Teneo.ai’s commitment to addressing the critical business aspects of Generative AI control while significantly reducing operational costs: 

  • LLM cost efficiency with FrugalGPT 
  • Controlling hallucinations 
  • Managing multi-transactional flows 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • PII anonymization 
  • Accommodating multiple use-cases 
  • Changelogs/rollbacks 
  • Prompt injections 
  • Collaborations 
  • Version control 

98% Cost Efficiency in LLM Deployments 

Understanding the importance of cost in AI implementation, Teneo’s solutions use the FrugalGPT methodology to harness 98% cost savings in your Large Language Model (LLM). Together with the platform Teneo businesses can integrate any LLM, such as OpenAI´s GPT, with its Contact Center AI offering at any time, empowering businesses with the agility, precision, and control needed to fully utilize Generative AI‘s potential using their own trained datasets. The platform balances advanced capabilities with economic efficiency, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. 

Controlling AI Outputs and Minimizing Hallucinations 

Teneo’s RAG approach is specifically designed to minimize LLM hallucinations, where AI generates incorrect or fabricated text. This is crucial in maintaining accuracy and reliability of customer service interactions. Teneo ensures that outputs are controlled and factual, enhancing trust in AI-powered communications. 

Streamlining Process Flows for Multi-Transactional Operations 

Teneo’s RAG excels in managing complex, multi-transactional process flows, enabling seamless integration of various customer service operations. This capability ensures efficient handling of diverse customer interactions, from simple queries to complex transactions. 

Advanced Analytics for Informed Decision Making 

Teneo’s platform includes sophisticated analytics tools, providing deep insights into customer interactions and AI performance. This data-driven approach aids businesses in continuously refining their AI strategies for optimal results. 

Ensuring Privacy with PII Anonymization 

Teneo prioritizes data privacy and compliance. The Teneo RAG approach includes robust PII (Personally Identifiable Information) anonymization protocols, ensuring customer data is handled securely and in accordance with privacy regulations. 

Handling Multiple Use-Cases with Diverse Data Sources 

Teneo’s RAG is adept at managing multiple use-cases, drawing on various data sources with different weights. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the AI’s responses based on specific needs and contexts, enhancing the relevance and accuracy of interactions. 

“Building an effective RAG system is not just about having tools such as Langchain, Promptflow or Azure AI Studio. A tooling-only approach to RAG can lead to fragmented solutions that are inefficient and difficult to scale,” said Andreas Wieweg, CTO. “Teneo’s platform approach ensures that all components of RAG work in harmony, providing a seamless, scalable, and effective solution for businesses.” 

Exclusive Workshop: Build Enterprise RAG in Less Than 4 Hours 

Join our exclusive workshop to learn how to develop an enterprise-grade RAG system efficiently. This hands-on session will guide you through the nuances of building a robust AI solution that addresses the unique challenges of modern customer service.