Teneo Streamlines User Experience with Innovative Updates

Discover the new Teneo User Interface

Teneo.ai (http://www.teneo.ai/), a brand from Artificial Solutions, announced today a significant update to the Teneo user interface, offering a more streamlined and intuitive experience for all users. This update shifts key functionalities, previously available on a separate frontend, directly into the Studio and APIs.
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Certainly, Teneo equips large-scale organizations with the capability to scale boundlessly. Utilizing the power of generative AI, our technology not only fuels a rapid expansion in customer experience innovations but also handles millions of daily customer interactions for our clients.

However, ensuring consistent quality as your business and solutions expand is a challenging feat. That’s where Teneo comes in. Integrated with Large Language Models (LLM), it’s the optimal tool designed to keep costs in check as customer demand escalates.

Over the course of two decades, Teneo has not only established itself as a premier development tool but also stood as an industry leader for enterprise-grade organizations seeking to create crucial customer service solutions.

For further information, please contact:
Marie Angselius-Schönbeck, Chief Impact Officer
Email: marie.angselius@artificial-solutions.com 

About Teneo.ai  

Our vision is a world without queues, without keypad navigation, with instant service. We’re proud to transform the customer experience for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, powering millions of interactions every day across our enterprise client base.  

Our customers replace traditional phone keypad-based menus with welcoming, short, and precise full sentences – OpenQuestion. The solution is based on our award-winning SaaS-platform Teneo. Which runs across 86 languages and dialects and is fully integrated with call center and contact center systems. Teneo.ai, Teneo and OpenQuestion are registered brands by Artificial Solutions.  

With love from Teneo.ai, a brand from Artificial Solutions.