Teneo Unveils 7.5 with New Copilot Features and an Updated Studio Web Experience

Teneo.ai, a brand from Artificial Solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Teneo 7.5, a significant upgrade that introduces pioneering enhancements to the Studio Web Flow Editor and extends the capabilities of its AI-driven Copilot. This latest iteration emphasizes our commitment to cutting-edge technology and user-centric innovation, delivering tools that empower developers to build more engaging and dynamic conversational AI experiences.

Streamlined Flow Creation with Redesigned Studio Web

Teneo 7.5 unveils a revamped Studio Web Flow Editor, offering a more intuitive and visually distinct environment for developers. The new layout features vibrant nodes and consistent aesthetics in both dark and light modes, simplifying the creation process and boosting productivity.

Enhanced Copilot Assists in Crafting Superior Conversations

The enhanced Studio Web Copilot in Teneo 7.5 now assists developers by suggesting optimal flow components and logic, effectively acting as an expert developer by your side.

Real-Time Modifications with Copilot Preview

With the introduction of Copilot Preview, developers can now see the immediate impact of their changes, ensuring that every modification enhances the user experience without delays.

Continuous Improvement and More

Alongside these major updates, Teneo 7.5 includes a range of improvements from bug fixes to usability enhancements, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to refining and advancing our platform.

Teneo is proud to support global leaders like Telefónica, HelloFresh, and Swisscom in harnessing the power of AI to discover new opportunities and drive growth. Join us as we continue to lead the conversation in AI development.

To explore the full capabilities of this new release and how it can transform your AI applications, read our Teneo 7.5 product update and release notes.